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About Us

Twinkle Toes music is ....


A Music and Movement group for babies, toddlers and beyond.


A fantastic range of classes targetted at its age group to give young children the chance to learn and develop their motor skills from the start and then grow their confidence and musical abilities through singing and the playing of instruments.  



Music & Your Child


Through our sessions we encourage children to:


*      Listen sing and play along to songs with percussion instruments

*      Use rhythm, repetition and rhyming to help develop language skills and learn songs

*      Be creative and imaginative

*      Socialise and interact with others

*      Gain in confidence and develop their independence

*      Develop co-ordination skills



Come and see for yourself the fun you could be having at our sessions.  Here are some of the instruments we would introduce your little ones to. Which will be their favourite?












Twinkle Toes Music provides an opportunity for you to enjoy playing, singing and laughing with your children and babies.


Music is an essential part of our lives. It helps to develop the 'whole child' and can make learning a fun and enjoyable experience.

Our planning has clear learning opportunities and links closely to Early Years documents.

We set our session to several different themes:


  • Weather.

  • Toys.

  • Transport.

  • Animals.

  • Colours, numbers and shapes.

  • In the garden.

  • Christmas

Upcoming Events:

Our Christmas CD

After months of planning and rehersals we are excited that our new CD ful of Christmas favourites will soon be available to purchase.

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